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Since 1950 we have built cutting lines for the transformation of rolls of sheet metal into strips or sheets. The most important characteristic of the Zappa lines was the capacity to reduce the downtime caused by the variation of the slitting programmes by 90%.

Today, following the cessation of production and with 60 years of experience, we want to offer the market an interesting KNOW-HOW. In fact, we have an important range of construction drawings that we can provide you with, in order to significantly reduce studio, planning and technical development costs.


The value of the construction drawings we offer comes from 65 years of tradition, knowledge, development and technological modernisation brought by our company to the cutting lines sector.

In 1950 the Zappa brothers, Giuseppe and Leopoldo, produced the first shearing machine, having entered in contact with some companies active in the field of sheet metal working.

From 1970, following a relocation of the office, they began to produce the first cutting lines for coils on a national and international scale, whilst still continuing with research and developing new products. Indeed, in 1975 the first shearing machine with a rotating head was patented.

For more than 60 years, the Zappa Mechanical Workshop built hundreds of lines, from traditional, patented strips to sheet lines with a levelling machine, and sold them all over the world. According to the clients’ needs, the projects were created from a specific study or starting from projects that had already been tested, and that had already been used in working plants. This was in order to help reduce implementation costs arising from the planning stage and to allow prompt installation of the system.

What we offer

Our archive contains more than 20,000 technical drawings (parts and assemblies) used for creating our plants, that we can provide you with in various formats, such as PDF, DWG, and Inventor.

We believe that, thanks to the use of our projects for producing systems for your clients, you can reduce the total cost by 10-15%, thus eliminating or considerably reducing costs and design times. As you can imagine, this becomes a significant competitive advantage, while still allowing you to maintain a high standard of quality.

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